About Me

A multi-skilled, energetic and agile Graphic Designer with a passion for branding and a hunger for learning.

my drive, mission and goal in the industry

What drives me as a creative, is acknowledging the untapped potential of the design process. And how that very same potential multiplies when more creatives are involved.

Consuming, observing and practicing existing design practices in studio & agency environments is my main goal as an entry level designer. 

My long term goal is to become a designer who can help draw the very best out of a creative team, not just through a solo proficiency. But by steering a team through design lifecycles efficiently, effectively and of course successfully.

general skills

predominantly print design

• Typography
• Layout
• Brand Strategy
• Brand / Identity
• Marketing Strategy
• Campaign Key Visual(s)
• Print Rollout
• Packaging
• Editorial & Publication


• Portraiture
• Product or Pack-shots
• Light Setup
• Scene Setup
• Camera Anatomy
• Experimental
• Post Production Photography Editing (including colour grading, deep etching, mockup development, facial retouching etc.)

predominantly digital design

• Typography
• Layout
• Motion Graphics
• Social Media
• Digital Rollout
• Wireframing
 Interactive E-Pub / Magazine



• Basic Film Theory
• Light Setup
• Camera Anatomy
• Post Production Video Editing (including colour grading, timeline adjustments, audio control etc.)

soft skills

• Presentation Design
• Professional Practice
• Time Management
• Documentation of Research & Strategy
• Print Management
• Material Management
• Ethical & Sustainable Design
• Group work management

software & operating systems

• Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premier Pro, After Effects, Xd, Bridge, Lightroom and Behance.
• MacOS & all windows operating systems.
• Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, Mail etc.)
• Google Suite (Drive, Documents, Spreads, Forms, Meets etc.)
• Miro (Collaboration & Project Software).
• Figma (Prototyping Software)
• WordPress and wix (drag and drop website editor platform).


bachelors of arts (graphic design)

Jan 2022 – Nov 2022 · Final Year
Greenside Design Center, South Africa

Bachelors of arts (Visual communication - Dual Major in communication design & photography)

Jan 2019 to Nov 2021 · Year 1 to 2
The Open Window Institute, South Africa

certificates & short courses

Learning art direction

2022 · Certificate Course
Provided by LinkedIn

project management for designers

2022 · Certificate Course
Provided by LinkedIn

Scrum: the basics

2022 · Certificate Course
Provided by LinkedIn


junior designer at balcony8 (Dubai, United arab emirates)

Jan 2023 to Now

As a Junior Designer at Balcony8, based in Dubai with a satellite work office in Somerset-Wes, Cape Town, I am entrusted with a range of responsibilities for both our portfolios.

Within our Branding portfolio, I study and acclimate myself to handed-down brand strategies, enabling me to develop enticing visual concepts that problem-solve creative strategies. I then present these visual concepts fully mocked up to clients and expand on them with fully-fledged brand look-books. Additionally, I roll out creative material for print if needed. Our clients are luxury food & beverage companies, such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

When it comes to our Ad-hoc portfolio, I develop key visuals based on handed down objectives. Typically advertising campaigns.

My technical skills are a significant asset to my role. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, AdobeXD, etc.), Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, etc.), and collaboration and communication applications (Zoom, Teams, Miro, etc.). Additionally, I am skilled in AI content generation, utilizing platforms such as ChatGPT.

Agility is one of my key attributes, as I frequently shuffle between projects under tight deadlines, developing creative solutions for both portfolios. As a multiskilled Graphic Design Specialist, I problem-solve and produce solutions for complex creative challenges. The creative solutions are not always the typical graphic design products. For example; designing/editing brand ‘look-books’ in video format to communicate rich storytelling. Creating interactive e-publications to break the typical editorial style of communicating large bodies of copy. The list goes on.

In summary, my current role at Balcony8 as a Junior Designer has so far allowed me to build a diverse range of skills and experiences in both our Branding and Ad-hoc portfolios. Being able to grow and work for this amazing team, makes workdays as exciting as weekends.

Duties – Branding Portfolio:
• Research & develop visual concept(s) for brand strategy(s).
• Research, experiment and prototype first draft of visual concept(s) image generation.
• Develop first draft presentations for colleagues and clients.
• Upon approval, take the first visual concept draft and expand on it by applying it to a full rollout of mockups (expand visual library).
• Design and present the identity’s final draft through a well considered and unique lookbook PDF as well as an expressive full video, showing the entire final identity to the client.
• Upon approval, ship all content to the rollout team. Help out with dielines of niche print finishes (specialized coasters, menus etc.) if necessary.
• Rinse and repeat, with changes depending on client requests.

Duties – Ad-Hoc Portfolio:
• Research & develop visual concept(s) for ad-hoc briefs strategy(s).
• Research, experiment and prototype first draft of key visuals or image generation.
• Apply and prototype key visuals to flat applications.
• Upon approval, ship KV’s to the rollout team. Help out with dielines of niche print finishes if necessary.

Key Attributes or Responsibilities Associated With Duties:
• Team communication; Never be quiet, always inform.
• Tech savviness; Willing to learn new tricks of the trade (and software) on a constant basis.
• Agile working; There’s no time to lose, work quickly. Be willing to drop a project for a high priority one. Plan accordingly.
• Multidisciplinary design; If you don’t know how to do something, figure it out and do it. As a primarily Graphic Designer, I also produce video, motion, digital content etc.
• Take responsibility; If mistakes are made, own it and move on.
• Apply Crit; Don’t take it personal, discuss crit, apply it and keep things going.

Software Used:
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Indesign
• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Creative Cloud
• Adobe Acrobat
• Miro
• Monday
• Slack
• Onedrive
• Outlook

Note: Showcasing the portfolio of evidence of this position is not possible at the moment due to NDA’s.

part time in house graphic designer & photographer at Ketelkraal (centurion, south africa)

Aug 2020 to Mar 2021 (8 Months)

Formulating design briefs based on the handed down objectives from first in line supervisor, developing and executing them within time limitations and issued guidelines. Design briefs included: developing advertorial & social media material, packaging design, product photography, staff photography and brand & corporate identity design.

Key Attributes Associated With Position:
• Teamwork
• Agility
• Professional Practice
• Producing large quantities of design material within tight deadlines
• Developing Brand Consistent Identity Systems
• Coordinating with printers
• Absorbing objectives to formulate executable briefs
• Producing objective & brief accurate content
• Providing design insight & advising when necessary
• Documenting events for social media purposes
• Absorbing given advice
• Adapting to work environment/culture
• Delivering to surprise ad-hoc requests
• Communicating accurately & continuously

Freelance Brand & Corporate Identity- and Packaging -Designer

Nov 2018 to Dec 2022
Formulating design briefs based on client objectives, developing and executing them on a agreed time. With a broad range of requests. Most commonly Brand & Corporate Identity- and Packaging -design.

Key Attributes Associated With Duties:
– Initiating & executing the design process
– Conducting meetings and presentations; of objectives, creative brief(s), design strategy, ideation, development and final product/collateral.
– Developing proposals & creative briefs
– Client relationship building (communication and managing expectations)
– Basic administration (executing quotes, invoices, etc)
– Delivering projects on agreed deadlines

honors & awards

the loeries - finalist

Issued by The Loeries · Oct 2023
Associated with Greenside Design Center, South Africa

Award Description
As Africa and the Middle East’s premier award that recognises, rewards, inspires and fosters creative excellence in the advertising and brand communication industry, winning a Loerie is the highest accolade for creativity and innovation across our region.

The Loeries is internationally recognised, included in the WARC Report and World Creative Ranking, and is the only award endorsed by the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA), the Creative Circle (CC), the Commercial Producers Association (CPA), IAB South Africa, the Exhibition Association of Southern Africa (EXSA), the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) and the South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID).


Student goldpack awards - finalist

Issued by Student Goldpack Awards · Oct 2022
Associated with Greenside Design Center, South Africa

Award Description
The Student Goldpack Awards is a multi-category packaging design awards ceremony. Which honours the very best of packaging design in Africa. Student participants from various universities and institutes sign up to compete in specific categories.

The title of this category, is proudly responsible design. Which focuses on the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) of responsible design. The brief encouraged participants to develop an innovative, practical, attractive, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging design.

Worldstar Global Packaging Awards - finalist

Issued by Worldstar Global Packaging Awards · Dec 2022
Associated with Greenside Design Center, South Africa

Award Description
The WorldStar Student Awards competition is owned and produced by the World Packaging Organisation. It is an international packaging design competition for students – undergraduate or graduate – from countries around the world who are involved in projects in the field of packaging, including structural design and/or graphic design. The competition is open to students who have won a legitimate local award in their region or country.

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I’ve made a compilation of my ‘top projects’. They were hand picked from between 2021 and today. Feel free to check them out. Alternatively, get in touch with me if there’s any queries, concerns or dad jokes!